Whether you work on your Acura in your garage or take it to a repair shop, you want to use genuine Acura car parts or aftermarket parts. Genuine parts are referred to as Acura OEM (original equipment) parts, while aftermarket parts are labeled as OEM replacement parts.  

While you may be worried that genuine Acura car parts are too costly, you have a number of shopping choices. You can purchase parts at your Acura dealer. That will be your most costly option, but you are also guaranteed to receive genuine Acura parts. Less expensive – and just as reliable – options include shopping at a local auto parts store or for Acura parts online. Acura provides a suggested retail price for all OEM parts. Acura dealers, however, can set any price they want, often well above list price. Internet dealers and local auto parts stores generally try to undercut these prices, while still offering genuine Acura parts.

You can save money by purchasing Acura car parts online if you have time to wait for shipping; just make sure you’re dealing with a highly regarded company. You can usually find company reviews online to see whether customers have been satisfied or had problems with them.

When you buy genuine Acura parts for your car, you should know the parts meet the same quality and specifications as the original factory parts. If you purchase OEM replacement parts, you take the risk of receiving lower quality parts or ones that are not exactly the right size or fit. Another advantage is that all genuine Acura car parts and accessories are covered by Honda’s 12 month/12,000-mile guarantee against manufacturer defects.

The simplicity or complexity of installing the parts yourself will vary depending on the individual part, your experience level and the tools you have. Installing a used engine is a much larger task than replacing a car headlight. Before buying parts, you should know if you will be able to do the work yourself, or if you need to take your Acura to a dealer or other mechanic. If you start a repair that is too difficult for you, you might make the situation worse. Fortunately, many local auto parts stores are available to answer questions – both before and after purchase – which should help you decide whether you should attempt the work. Also, online stores provide installation directions you can download before purchasing. Read these carefully to see how difficult your repair job will be.

If you take your car to the Acura dealership, they will definitely use genuine OEM parts. However, if you want to save money by taking the car to a local garage, they will probably give you the option of genuine OEM parts or OEM replacement parts. If they do not ask which you prefer, make sure that you ask them what kind of parts they will use. You don’t want to assume they use OEM parts only to find out you received OEM replacement parts. If you choose replacement parts, that’s each car owner’s decision. You just want to know what you’re paying for.