I am a faithful Audi driver and I have been for many years. After the purchase of my first used Audi, I knew that I would be an Audi customer for life. The cars are elegant yet sporty. They drive so smoothly.

Unfortunately, I do not love how much it can cost to for repairs. Just the other day, my car was at the Audi dealership for some minor (so I thought) repairs. The service tech proceeded to tell me of all the Audi parts that needed to be replaced.  The list included:




Audi Alternator

 Audi Starter

Audi Air Flow Meter

Audi Steering Pump

 Audi Steering Gear Box

Audi condenser

 Audi cooling motor


The cost for new Audi car parts were almost as much as I had paid for my used Audi.


Instead of turning over several pay checks to the dealership, a friend suggested I go to a import car repair shop that would do the repairs with used Audi car parts. After searching online, I found a used import auto parts store.


At first I was skeptical of using parts that were not new. So I did my homework to make sure they were a reputable used import auto parts dealer. All Import has thousands of used Audi parts. They also stand behind their products with a great warranty. If they don’t have the used car part you need, they have an extensive database of parts where they can order it for you. Great prices, great customer service and a warranty too.


Best of all, the price for Audi used auto parts is substantially less expensive than new auto parts. If money matters to you, then replace your import auto parts with used auto parts from All Import.