Isuzu Motors, widely acclaimed for its construction of heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, was officially established in April 1937. The founders named the company after a river in Japan.

The Isuzu moniker, originally a joint effort by several companies, was officially approved by these companies in 1949 although they have been manufacturing vehicles for 27 years. After several decades of successfully selling their vehicles to Americans and plenty of joint ventures and partnerships with General Motors and Subaru, Isuzu Motors decided to focus on manufacturing and improving the diesel engine. This shift was successful, as Isuzu produced and sold 16 million diesel engines in 2003.

Along with the tremendous success of their vehicles, Isuzu car parts are essential in maintaining their reliability and excellence. These parts not only improve the performance of the car, they provide proficient service to lengthen the lifespan of Isuzu vehicles. Isuzu’s trademark diesel engines deliver excellent results in terms of torque, fuel efficiency and power output. But, like other vehicles, their condition may decline over time. To extend each vehicle’s life, Isuzu parts are available to service their requirements.

In addition to their diesel engines, Isuzu manufactures heavy trucks and busses used around the world. With the maintenance and service of these trucks and busses being slightly more delicate in nature, Isuzu car parts are needed by users of these heavy vehicles to keep them running smoothly and stress-free. Isuzu parts allow these heavy vehicles to withstand the strain of regular use and accomplish their particular responsibilities.

Isuzu Motors also manufactures pickup cars. These vehicles are subjected to heavy use by their owners, and their lifespan will be shortened if they are not serviced properly. The owners of these pickup vehicles rely on the efficiency of Isuzu car parts to help them cope with their daily needs. And, since their diesel engines power the pickup cars, regular maintenance with Isuzu parts is advised.