ALG just announced the winners for the Residual Value Awards.  In other words, these vehicles retain a greater portion of their MSRP after a three-year period.  You all know that once you drive a new car off of the dealership lot, the value plummets greatly.  That is why this rating system is so handy to consumers who want their vehicle to retain value for as long as possible.

Honda and Acura led the way with the top Mainstream and Premium brands, but Toyota came away with the most awards in many categories.

According to Larry Dominique, President of ALG, residual value is the greatest indicator of a vehicles complete value.  It takes into account such things as account quality, durability, and brand desirability.

ALG has been forecasting automotive residual values now for fifty years, and they are considered the benchmark for this indicator.  The winners in the various categories for 2012 are as follows:

  • Sub Compact Car:  Honda Fit
  • Compact Car:  Hyundai Elantra
  • Midsize Car:  Honda Accord
  • Fullsize Car:  Hyundai Azera
  • Sports Car:  Scion FR-S
  • Alt-Fuel Vehicle:  Toyota Prius
  • Minivan:  Honda Odyssey
  • Subcompact Utility Vehicle:  MINI Cooper Countryman
  • Compact Utility Vehicle:  Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Midsize Utility Vehicle:  Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
  • Fullsize Utility Vehicle:  Toyota Sequoia
  • Midsize Pickup:  Toyota Tacoma

It is interesting to note the absence of American car manufacturers on this list.  In fact, the top three in any category was absent of an American car, certainly a telling fact, especially since ALG is based in Santa Barbara, California.  One has to wonder what has happened to the once-powerful American car manufacturing industry.  How has it happened that the Japanese now so thoroughly dominate an industry that was once held in a death grip by the Americans.

Whatever the reasons, one can only make one statement regarding this information:  if you want fine craftsmanship and a vehicle that lasts for many,many years, then look at the Japanese products.

What this information also confirms is that replacement parts, whether new or recycled, are reliable in these makes and models.  You can buy with confidence when buying a used Toyota transmissions, a used Nissan engine, or a used Hyundai fuel pump.  Just head on down to your local salvage yard and buy with confidence any replacement part you might need.  All parts come with a warranty on top of the great reliability of a Japanese car, so you can count on receiving great product at a great price