We know, it’s only August, but now is the time to think about some simple car maintenance tips that will prepare your vehicle for the winter months ahead.  Make no mistake about it, winter is right around the corner, and your vehicle needs to be ready for the tough winter driving months.  So here are some very basic steps you can take to make sure that your car or truck keeps running smoothly when winter arrives.


As the temperatures begin to change you should be checking your tire pressure weekly.  Low or high tire pressure will affect your fuel economy and also the handling of your vehicle.  This will take you all of five minutes, and those five minutes will make a huge difference in the way your car or truck handles.


Low tire tread means less grip on the road, so check them regularly.  Use an old penny, stick it in the tread, and if about half the penny sinks in then you are fine. Any less than that and it might be time for some replacement tires.


Check the oil level, the transmission fluid level, the coolant level and the brake fluid level.  Fluids are in your car for a reason, and without proper levels you run the risk of burning up bearings and you increase the chance of wearing out parts before their time.


Do a quick inspection of your headlight, taillights, brake lights, fog lamps, etc.  If they are out then replace the light or fuse.  This is a very inexpensive repair, one that can be done by any driver, and it is a measure of safety that should not be ignored. Plus, you just might save yourself an expensive ticket from the police.


The belts are the front of your engine drive the alternator, a/c compressor and other parts, and they are made of rubber.  Rubber wears out in time, so do a visual inspection for worn rubber and replace if needed.


With the car off, take the connectors off of the terminals and clean the terminals with a wire brush. This will insure that you get a proper spark and your vehicle starts up easily.  Dirty terminals are often the cause for your car not starting properly.


All of the car maintenance steps listed above, combined, will take you fifteen to twenty minutes to do, so very little time spent on such an important task.  Set aside some time this weekend and run through the list for better peace of mind.

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