There are two types of fathers: those who work on their cars and those who don’t. Whether your dad is a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or a Do-It-For-Me type (DIFM), consider a car parts gift for Dad this Father’s Day (June 20th).

Sixty-nine percent of male drivers work on their car, truck, mini van or SUV, according to the Car Care Council. Whether it’s light maintenance like changing the oil and replacing the wiper blades, or heavier projects such as replacing brake shoes, most dads enjoy taking care of their vehicles. Car parts, accessories and tools make ideal Father’s Day gifts.

If your dad is a do-it-yourselfer, a gift certificate from his local car parts store is suitable. If he’s the do-it-for-me type, a gift certificate for an oil change or other service at his favorite repair shop would be a good idea.

Everyone loves a clean car, so offer to clean and polish Dad’s vehicle yourself. Remember to use automotive washes and waxes, not dishwashing detergent from under the kitchen sink that can damage the vehicle’s finish.

Another place to look for useful ideas is from the driver’s seat of the car, especially if Dad spends a lot of time behind the wheel. His vehicle is his home-away-from-home, so gifts that enhance his enjoyment of that second home are likely to be appreciated. Rather than giving Dad traditional gifts like a card and a necktie, why not dress up his car? Maybe he’s always wanted a sun roof or he’s admired someone’s wood-grain dash trim. His wish could come true with the help of your local car parts shop.

How about having his dull or damaged steering wheel replaced with one that’s stylish, possibly leather-covered? His sun-damaged and faded padded dash could be repaired, replaced or recovered to upgrade the interior. Security devices like remote keyless entry and an alarm system are popular add-ons as well.

Other Father’s Day gifts to consider include special tools, a bug deflector, running boards or stereo equipment. Car and parts gifts generally are well received and the variety of innovative products never stops growing.”

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