Driving an Audi is an experience that everyone loves. What people don’t love is when they start hearing squeaks, squeals and other noises that inevitably lead to a trip to the Audi dealership. It can be very expensive to drive a foreign car, especially when something goes wrong.

The Audi dealership is always significantly costlier when repairs are done, so, this most recent time when I needed to take my car in, a friend had suggested an Audi used auto parts location. There are several used auto parts stores while driving around, but it was unclear why used auto parts stores would be any better than going to the Audi dealership. Turns out, I had a lot to learn!! Upon walking in to the import used auto parts dealer, I got the feeling that I was going to have much more success than I ever had at the Audi dealer. And I was right. Upon quickly explaining what kind of used auto part I needed. I was anticipating being told that I would have to wait for my specific part to arrive. It was shocking when I was told that the used Audi auto part was currently in stock. Upon paying for the Audi part needed, I was nearly giddy at how much less expensive it is at the import auto parts store, than at the Audi dealership repair shop. Pleased does not begin to describe the feelings of the amount of time it took to get into and out of the used auto parts store and how much quicker it was than any of the times my Audi had gone directly to the dealership for repairs.

All in all, the amount of “pros” versus the amount of “cons” in buying parts at a used import auto parts store instead of the dealership was shocking. Pros: Going to a Audi used auto parts dealer (or any import auto dealer for that matter) saves $!!! The import auto dealers have thousands of parts in inventory, which means that you won’t hear the phrase” let me just wait until the part comes in” like is heard at so many Audi dealerships. Additionally, I saved a lot of time by buying used auto parts and was able to get my car back on the road quicker. Con: I won’t be getting as much reading done, since I won’t be in the dealership waiting room anymore, but that is a “con” that I am willing to accept.