What might appear to be a pile of old rusted metal to some looks like a priceless restoration project to others … particularly to those who know where to find used import car parts and are willing to exert a little elbow grease. Most car restoring enthusiasts proclaim their hobby to be a labor of love – not for the money – but, at the same time, they want to get import car parts they can afford while giving new life to a classic.

Car restoring enthusiasts need to make sure they have enough room for all their car parts. A disassembled classic car and its elements can fill a garage in a hurry. Car restorers should really have the equivalent of two adjacent garages – one to dismantle the car and keep its parts, and the other to rebuild the classic automobile. On the other hand, parts like the engine, transmission, doors, trunk lid, quarter panels and hood can be stored in a basement or shed while other parts of the car are being rebuilt.

Expect some aspects of the restoration process to be tougher than originally expected. Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help. Car parts that might not mesh for some can work like a charm for those who work with them for a living.

Car restorers should take notes concerning parts, paints, colors, etc. from magazines published during the period when the classic was most popular. Publications like these can be used to reinforce all the hard work the car restorer did to rebuild his prize.

While those who restore classic cars want to use as much original equipment – like radios, mirrors, dashboards, wheels and hood ornaments – as possible, they should also know where to purchase the parts for the classic that will take car buffs back in time.