salvage auto parts

Junkyard car parts near me” may not be a Google search you have ever done, but perhaps it should be.

If saving money is an item on your to-do list, then getting familiar with your local salvage yards should be a priority.

Allow us to tell you all about the salvage yards world.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with outstanding, affordable used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us the next time you face a car repair and you would like to cut down on spending.

Let’s do away with the term “junkyard car parts near me”

Whoever did the first marketing campaigns for salvage yards, back in the 1920’s, really did a poor job, because it was back then, over one-hundred years ago, that the terms “junkyard,” and “wrecking yard” came into prominence.  Junkyard infers that you are purchasing junkyard auto parts there. Wrecking yard emits a vision of wrecked cars and wrecked parts.

None of this is helpful or accurate.

The key to focus on is that salvage yards offer quality used car parts, and the key is the word “quality.”  We are confident enough in the used auto parts we sell that we give a 90-day warranty on every part we sell, and every part is tested before we sell it.

Used auto parts have a lot of life still in them

Think about it for a moment. A vehicle is in an accident, it is totaled, and it is sold to a salvage yard.  The word “totaled” usually refers to the fact that the frame has been damaged/bent, making the vehicle inoperable.  That does not mean, however, that the individual parts, like the fuel pump, or the brakes, or the radiator, were damaged.  Those parts are still highly-functioning.

Consider this: Most, if not all, car and truck parts, are manufactured with a long-life expectancy.  Most parts are good for at least 50,000 miles. Many can operate quite nicely for 100,000 miles.  In fact, if a car has regular maintenance, there is no reason it cannot function quite well at 200,000 miles.

Suffice it to say that buying used auto parts in no way affects the performance of your car or truck. All you are doing, by purchasing used parts, is saving money.

What about the installation of those used car parts?

And now, the fly in the ointment!  Not everyone knows how to replace brake pads, or replace an alternator.  But practically everyone has access to the internet, and on the internet you will find a thing called YouTube.  We are not exaggerating when we say that the majority of auto repairs can be learned on YouTube, and they can be performed by people just like you.  We know this to be true because our customers are just like you.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts and junkyard car parts near me

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated, and we have been supplying Fort Worth residents with quality “junkyard car parts” for over thirty years. Call us and tell us what you need, or avail yourself of our online car parts search.  Our longevity in a competitive industry is proof that our way of doing business is appreciated by the community.