Are you thinking about buying a used car in the near future?  It can be a confusing task that lies ahead of you.  So much money, so many options and so many car dealers to choose from.  Who can you trust?  Who is reputable and who isn’t?  We have all heard the horror stories, or maybe experienced it ourselves, of buying a used car and then having it break down two days later.  So there you are , stuck with a new, used car AND maintenance bills for a new transmission or engine.

We at All Import Auto Parts would like to introduce you to a company that can take the worry out of used car buying.  We highly recommend One Guard Inspections, a business that makes sure that used car you want to buy is in good shape and worth the money.  Imagine the peace of mind if you could buy a used car knowing that it is running well and worth the price being offered.

One Guard Inspections does the following for you:

  • Thorough inspection by a certified ASE mechanic
  • In-depth and informative report including full-color photos
  • Time and friendly service

One Guard can handle inspections on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, classic and exotics vehicles.

Imagine, no more worries when buying a used car; no surprises when you get your vehicle home from the dealer.  You can buy with confidence knowing that your vehicle has been inspected and passed the inspection with flying colors.

You can find their website at  You will also note when you are visiting them that they highly recommend buying quality used auto parts that come with a warranty and that you buy from salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts.  Why?

Simply because All Import Auto Parts only sells quality replacement auto parts.  We feel so strongly about the quality of our recycled auto parts that we give the customer a warranty on every part we sell.  That is your guarantee that you are buying the best used part that your money can buy.  The other feeling of security comes from the fact that All Import has been a trusted business in Fort Worth for decades now; our name means reliability.

All Import Auto Parts and One Guard Inspections.  Two names that mean “buying with confidence.”  In this crazy world where customer satisfaction has become a thing of the past, isn’t it nice to know there are still companies around who believe in good customer service?