We are a little early this week with our post and that is because we here at All Import Auto Parts would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Be safe on the roads and enjoy your time with family and friends.

As you prepare for the long weekend, perhaps you have some traveling to do.  If so, make sure your vehicle is travel-ready.  Run a quick maintenance check on your car or truck.  Test the brakes and make sure they are not sluggish.  Check the brake fluid.

Check the transmission fluid and run through your gears to make sure they do not “clunk” or hesitate in their shift.  Of course check your engine oil and tire inflation, and make sure you have enough tire tread before you hit some inclement weather.

Windshield wipers working okay?  All lights functioning?  Turn signals?  These are little things that only take a few minutes to check but they might save you getting a ticket from the police and they certainly can save you from an accident.  As our mothers always said, better safe than sorry.

And that brings us to thoughts of Black Friday, the shopping day that half the populace loves and half hates.  How about coming down to All Import Auto Parts and doing some car parts shopping at our salvage yard?  You can find anything you need for your car or truck, no matter the make or model, and you can pick up some salvage parts at a huge discount.  Why stand in line at auto shops or specialty shops when you can drive right down to our salvage yard, no waiting hassle, and save money in the bargain?  Seems like a no-brainer to us.

We are open all through the holiday season so make sure you stop by at some point and pick up some items for that car jockey on your shopping list.  You will find friendly, personable service from car pros who know their stuff here at All Import Auto Parts.  If you have a question we will be very happy to assist you in making the wise choice….and….did we mention that you save big bucks here at All Import Auto Parts?  Well you do, and who doesn’t want to save money while Christmas shopping?

Happy Thanksgiving from our families at All Import Auto Parts to yours, and thank you so much for the loyalty you have shown through the years.