One term that has been tossed around for decades is junk yard and really, that term does a disservice to modern salvage yards across America. Certainly there are disreputable dealers out there who sell “junk” in their junk yard but for every one of those dealers there are ten that are trustworthy, reputable “salvage yards” and we at All Import Auto Parts like to believe we fall into that category.

Listen, we have been around for a long time and that kind of longevity does not happen by accident. Sure, we could have fooled some customers once or twice decades ago but after that they would have never come back to us. Word spreads quickly when there is a dealer who can’t be trusted. Instead, our business has grown leaps and bounds over that time and that’s because we believe in good customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Do you want to talk about service? Well, we joined the computer age, folks, and one click of our computer mouse gives us (and you) access to over five million used auto parts. That, my friends, is customer service. Shall we talk about customer satisfaction? How about a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every single recycled auto part that we sell? That, my friends, is customer satisfaction.

Okay, so you get good service and great satisfaction at our Fort Worth salvage yard. What else you ask? How about the fact that salvage parts give you huge savings over new parts at an auto parts store? The economy is tough right now and you certainly deserve savings of up to 60%, right?

And yes, we have another reason for you to shop at All Import Auto Parts. We are what is called in the industry a “green recycled auto parts” salvage yard. What does that mean? Simply that by buying recycled auto parts from us you are helping the environment. When we have sold all of the salvage parts from an auto that we can we make sure that the remainder is recycled properly so that there are no leaking oils or chemicals and so that the remaining metals are then used to make new auto parts, thus cutting back on the amount of new mining.

So who wins whenever someone shops at a modern salvage yard? Certainly the customer wins but also the environment and yes, us at All Import Auto Parts. Check us out on Facebook at or our Twitter page at!/allimport and