Happy Friday and that of course means the start of a great three-day weekend soooooo…Happy Memorial Day one and all!

So what are your plans?  The unofficial start of summer means you need to get out and go camping or at least a picnic at the lake or river!  Before you go, though, give some thought to doing a quick vehicle maintenance check to make sure your car is ready and able to go this weekend.

Make sure you check the oil level in your car and this might be a good time to replace that oil filter.  Check all the hoses and make sure there are no leaks there or in your radiator.  Test the brakes and make sure they aren’t sluggish in their response.

How is your car shifting?  The transmission needs to be checked to make sure those gears are working properly.  That engine of yours will work properly as long as you are treating it right.  Oh, how about your air conditioning? Now is the time to make sure your condenser is working properly and the coolant is being properly dispersed through the system.

How are the tires? Properly inflated?  Are the wheels in proper alignment? 

If you find yourself in need of replacement parts then you know where to find them.  All Import Auto Parts has been meeting the needs of drivers in the Fort Worth area for quite a few years now.  Why pay top dollar for new aftermarket parts when quality recycled auto parts cost so much less and are just as reliable.  Are you in need of a new car stereo system?  Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a new one why not stop by our Fort Worth salvage yard and pick one up for pennies on the dollar?  It just makes good sense in these tough economic times to save when you can.

Here’s an idea for Memorial Day: do you have a neighbor whose husband is away this holiday?  Maybe he is in the service and can’t be home this weekend?  Why not help your neighbor out and do a quick vehicle maintenance on her car?  What a great neighborly thing to do and a great way to say thank you to a serviceman who is doing his thing for our country.

Whatever you and your family is doing this Memorial Day weekend make sure you are safe.  Have fun but be responsible and make sure that car of yours is ready for the road trip.