Let’s talk about salvage parts for a little while if you don’t mind. We at All Import Auto Parts think that the word “salvage” gets a bad rap, just as the term “salvage yard” gets a bad rap.

Gone are the days of the old neighborhood salvage yard where you would walk around for hours looking for the used part you need, not knowing if the part was even going to work when you get it home. Today’s salvage yards, or maybe we should say the reputable salvage yards, have computer inventories of every part on their lot and can tell you with the click of their computer mouse whether they have what you need AND if they don’t they can find it instantly and have it delivered for you.

What do you need? Do you need some Audi parts or Benz parts? How about some Hyundai used parts or Infiniti used parts? Name an import car and All Import Auto Parts has the replacement part for that car. Now that’s quite a claim but with over five million replacement parts available there is a pretty good chance we can back up that claim.

And what about those recycled parts? Can they be trusted? Well think about it now and then you decide. A BMW 318i gets in a car wreck. The frame is bent, it is declared a total loss, and it gets picked up by All Import Auto Parts. There is nothing wrong with the alternator or the fuel pump, or for that matter the ignition or radiator or transmission. The frame got bent, the insurance company declared it a total loss, and perfectly reliable salvage parts for that 318i are sitting on our lot right now waiting for you. And in case you are still skeptical we give a warranty with every car part on our lot. You read that correctly: we guarantee your satisfaction or you can have your money back and if that part fails within the life of your warranty you will be covered.

Now, does that sound like the old salvage yards of fifty years ago? The name All Import means exactly that: we specialize in import auto parts, but recently we even added on an aftermarket division for imports and domestic, so chances are whatever the heck you need we have it at our salvage yard. And you don’t have to waste hours walking around our lot looking for that import part AND our staff is knowledgeable AND personable.

So seriously, why in the world wouldn’t you go to All Import Auto Parts? Save money, get guaranteed import parts, and keep that import of yours running smoothly.