Used transmissions vs. new, aftermarket transmissions….that is the question? Whether it is nobler and more prudent to buy a brand new transmission and spend close to two thousand dollars for parts and labor or is it more frugal and wise to spend half of that by buying used and installing it yourself?

More and more people are facing this decision; for someone handy with motor vehicles this is a no-brainer; in today’s economy where money is tight why wouldn’t you do the work yourself and save serious money? But to a novice, someone not accustomed to the workings of the internal combustion engine, this can seem a rather daunting task. And let’s face it, replacing a transmission is a major job that calls for some serious knowledge about vehicles.

There is, however, an alternative choice: go to your local Fort Worth salvage yard, like All Import Auto Parts, pay a fraction of what you would pay for a new transmission by buying a used transmission, and then enlist your friends or relatives to help you install it.

Listen, replacing a manual or automatic transmission is a bit tricky for sure, but most of us have friends or relatives who are car jockeys and would be willing to help us if need be, and replacing a transmission falls under the “need be” category for sure. Pay attention to the warning signs with your transmission. Are you slipping in and out of a gear?   Are you stuck in a gear? Do you suddenly find yourself in neutral without ever having touched the gear shift? If any of those are happening then you have some problems. Now, it may be as simple as low transmission fuel, but it also may mean that you need a replacement transmission.

Come on down to All Import Auto Parts and see for yourself what kind of savings you can experience. Do your homework and check around and find out what an auto repair shop would charge you for the job and then check us out. We guarantee that you will see savings of up to 50% on our used auto parts and we also guarantee our recycled auto parts so you can buy with confidence.

Once you buy a used transmission from us then all you have to do is go to the grocery store, buy some steaks and some beverages, call up your car jockey friends and barbeque for them while they install your new used transmission.