Taking a look at our name, we see the first two words say “All Import” followed by Auto Parts. Taken literally that means that we at All Import Auto Parts carry replacement parts for every import made. But how can that be?

Between the Japanese imports and the European imports there are close to thirty car manufacturers. Now let’s say each car manufacturer has an average of ten models; that’s three hundred different models that we supply used parts for; but this becomes more incredible when you consider that each make and model has what, hundreds of parts? So now we are saying that we have, or can quickly obtain, millions of replacement parts. Hard to believe? Maybe, but it’s true.

As of the writing of this article we at All Import Auto Parts have access to over five million used parts and we also have aftermarket parts for many of those foreign and even domestic cars and trucks. We know what you are mumbling under your breath: “there is no way their salvage yard is that big.” Well, first of all, our salvage yard is BIG and we have new arrivals coming in daily. But we also have this “new” invention called a computer and that computer is hooked up to a thing called the worldwide web and with the click of the mouse we can find your replacement part in a matter of minutes. So even if we don’t physically have the part on our lot we can get it for you in a matter of days.

We take this promise seriously. You see, we have been in this business for over twenty years and we have built this business on a foundation of integrity and honesty, giving good old down home courtesy and competitive prices to each and every customer. So when we say we can find your used import part we mean exactly that; if we didn’t mean it we wouldn’t say it because to do so would be to lose your trust. And your trust means a great deal to us.

Come on down to our Fort Worth salvage yard and put us to the test. Name the used part for whatever import and see if we can’t back up our claim. We are All Import Auto Parts, and we stand exactly for what our name says. And oh, did we mention that you save 30-40-50-60% on our used parts? Come on in and see what we have for ya!