When we say car accessories, what do you think of?  We would be amazed if your mind went to one particular accessory, only because there are so many to choose from.  Aftermarket parts and accessories is a huge business in the automotive world.  Just consider for a second a partial list of accessories:

  • Bug deflectors
  • Car covers
  • Mud flaps
  • Splash guards
  • Vent visors
  • Waxes and cleaners
  • Driving lights
  • Euro taillights
  • Fog lights
  • Fan mats
  • Floor liners
  • Grill inserts
  • Hood scoops
  • Side window covers
  • Taillight covers
  • Vent visors
  • Driving gloves
  • Gear shift boot
  • Pet barrier
  • Shifter knobs
  • Steering wheel covers

And on and on we go!  There are literally hundreds of accessories for your vehicle and there are literally hundreds of makes and models of vehicles….do the math!  This is big business!

Now, you can certainly go to an auto parts store or dealership for your accessories.  If you have this overwhelming desire to pay top dollar then feel free to do so.  However, there is another solution!  You can go to a reputable Fort Worth salvage yard and get the same accessory for a discount of up to 50%.

We know what you are going to say next:  I need a steering wheel cover for a 1958 Mercedes-Benz.  How are you ever going to have that?  And we at All Import Auto Parts would simply say that chances are we won’t have it on our lot, but once we do a computer search we will find one within five minutes and have it shipped to you within two days.  Now doesn’t that beat doing a Craigslist search for all the cities in America?

You see, in today’s computer world, where most of the reputable salvage yards have computer inventories, it really is that easy to find the accessory that you need.  Besides that, many salvage yards are carrying a line of accessories, so if it is a generic part that you need then chances are they already have it on the salvage yard lot.

So keep in mind this one simple truth:  if it fits on a car or truck then it can be found by a salvage yard and in your hands in two days.  Welcome to the modern world where waiting is a thing of the past.