Father’s Day is coming and the age old question will be asked by millions of children across America: What in the world do I get Dad?  For some reason Dads are a lot harder to buy for than Mothers, and inevitably as the special day gets closer most kids will throw up their hands in frustration and buy Dad an ugly tie or some after shave that can be smelled from a mile away.  Well, at All Import Auto Parts we have a solution everyone can live with.  How about buying your Dad some specialty parts at All Import, a gift that truly does keep on giving?

Shop among the thousands of aftermarket parts we have at our salvage yard, or browse through the millions of used import parts on our lot.  If there is a replacement part your Dad has been longing for there is an excellent chance we have it.

Better yet, take Dad with you and tell him to just pick out the car parts he wants, the epitome of a great shopping spree for that man in your house.  Maybe he has wanted some great speakers for that audio system? Maybe he wants some new seats for his Audi? Whatever it is we probably have it.  A new bumper? A new alternator? It may not seem like the sexiest gift to you but to Dad, it’s the bomb!

As an added bonus, sign Dad up for daily email alerts about new arrivals.  You can keep him in contact with us through Facebook or Twitter.  For Dads that’s better than a subscription to National Geographic.

We know what you are thinking? You had your mind on some glamorous gift wrapped in expensive paper with a bow on it.  But after you take the paper off he is still stuck with some gift he doesn’t want.  Buying your Dad replacement parts for his favorite car is a gift that he will see and use every single day and doesn’t that beat the heck out of some pretty paper, a bow, and an ugly tie?

And after you take him to All Import Auto Parts for that special gift, take him back home and give him a Texas-style barbeque with his favorite cold beverage.  Just picture it if you will: a new aftermarket part on his car, a great steak dinner, and a huge smile on his face.  Is that a great Father’s Day present or what?