So you want to know how to replace a bumper, huh?  Well, the good news, and it’s all good news, is that a bumper is a very easy replacement job, so listen up.

If you are replacing the rear bumper, take the license plate off first.  Get a friend to come over and help you because many of the older bumpers are heavy and we don’t want that sucker falling on your toes.  With your friend holding the bumper, remove the bolts and retainer nuts that connect the bumper to the frame.  Make sure you retain the bolts and nuts so you can put the new bumper on.

Do the same thing to the other side and then have your friend remove the bumper. Put the new bumper on and install using the bolts and nuts from the old one.  Do not tighten them tightly so you can adjust the bumper into position.  Make sure there is a ¾ inch gap between the bumper and the vehicle, and then tighten the bolts securely.  If there is a license plate light socket you will of course have to be careful of those wires while removing parts.

The whole job shouldn’t take you more than an hour, so any home mechanic can feel safe in attempting this replacement.

Interestingly, bumpers are required on all vehicles, but they really do not serve much of a purpose.  Today’s bumpers are made of fiberglass, and they certainly do not protect passengers in a vehicle should there be an accident.  Bumpers are also supposed to protects the body of the car, and the front bumpers are supposed to protect the engine and radiator, but in truth they will only protect those things if you are not travelling faster than 3 miles per hour.  No, that is not very reassuring!

Standards of safety used to be higher; in 1972 a five mph safety standard was set, and the standards actually got more stringent in 1982.  However, in response to pressure from the auto manufacturers, President Reagan weakened the standards in 1983, so that safety was only guaranteed going 2 mph.  In other words, bumpers today are really just cosmetic in nature and serve no real purpose.

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