Welcome to the wonderfully complicated world of car audio systems.  Remember back in the old days when all we had in our vehicle was an AM radio?  Well how things have changed!  Now, if all you have is an AM/FM radio people look at you like you came out of the Stone Age!

And have you ever gone to one of those car audio shops and shopped for a stereo system?  You need an engineering degree to figure out all of the components that are being offered.  Upon entering the shop you will see stereos and head units, sound processors, capacitors, speakers subwoofers, amplifiers and of course the CD players, multi-CD players, MP3 players and ways to hook your Bluetooth up as well.

Then, once you have recovered from that shock, you need to decide on a brand and a whole new headache settles in.  We have Alpine, Blaupenkt, Bose, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood and easily three dozen more brand names to choose from.  How can you ever decide what to buy?

The first step you need to take is check with your car manufacturer to find out the dimensions and specifications that can be handled by your vehicle.  There is no sense spending hundreds of dollars for the perfect sound only to find out your car can’t handle the package.

Next you need to determine who is going to do the installation.  Many car audio shops will install for free if you have purchased the package from them; make sure you find out that the installation is free before you sign on the dotted line because there is no way you should pay for installation.

Okay, you have picked out the stereo system, the amps, the speakers and subwoofers and all the other trinkets that you can afford and you start shopping for the best deal; where do you go?

You might be surprised by our next suggestion but give it a thought….go to your neighborhood salvage yard and buy your stereo system there.  Why?  Several reason really! First you are going to save upwards of 50% on the stereo components and second the quality of merchandise purchased at a junk yard is every bit as good as buying new.  Think about it: say a car has been in a wreck and it is towed to the salvage yard.  Chances are the stereo was not damaged.  Do a little shopping around and find the stereo system that you want in a newer model vehicle and you instantly saved a boatload of cash for a great stereo system.  Now take it home and install it yourself or have a friend help you.

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