Not sure how many out there remember the old days when installing a new stereo required tracing wires, splicing wires, replacing wires, and then hoping that all the right wires were placed in the right spot….but we remember, and that is why we are so grateful that replacing a car stereo is so easy today.

How easy?

All you need is a screwdriver.  Does that sound easy to you?

Well let’s find out how to install a car stereo, and then we’ll give you a tip on how you can save money upgrading your current car stereo system.


Remove the facing plate from your current car stereo. It should be held in place by retaining clips, so just pull the faceplate out of the clips. If it is stubborn and doesn’t want to budge, use a screwdriver to pry it out, but be careful you don’t chip the plastic.

Now unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the radio, and pull the old stereo out of the dash.

Release the bundles wires by squeezing the retaining clips.

Connect that bundle of wires, and the antenna wire, to the new stereo.  The attachments may be slightly different, but they will fit and attach.

Put the new stereo into the stereo housing and secure it with the screws you took off.

Reattach the face plate over the new stereo by pushing it into the retaining clips.

And you are done!


Here is the true joy of doing this job yourself.  Do you know what a car mechanic would charge you to do this job?  One hour of labor, or about seventy-five bucks.

Do you know what a new car stereo system costs?  Well, it depends on what you want, but let’s say five-hundred bucks.  So, total cost….close to six-hundred dollars if you have someone else do it for you.


If you do the job yourself, then you save seventy-five on the car mechanic labor, and then head on down to your local salvage yard and find a used car stereo for considerably less money.  Let’s say you find a five-hundred dollar Bose unit for two-hundred bucks, not unheard of at quality salvage yards.

Now the total cost of your job is $200 rather than $600.  Which sounds better to you?

Save money and shop with confidence at All Import Auto Parts.  Why pay more when it isn’t necessary?