What does the average transmission replacement job cost in the United States?

Just asking that question is painful, right?  Two phrases have the ability to strike paralyzing fear in most car-owners, and those are transmission replacement and engine replacement.  Most car-owners figure they can pay for most replacement jobs, or they can do them themselves, but the transmission and the engine are huge jobs calling for specialized knowledge, and that means paying through the nose to have the job done by a certified mechanic.

To answer the question at the top of this article, the first thing you must realize is there is no such thing as an average transmission replacement.  There are too many variables to give an accurate answer to that question.  We can tell you that, on average, the cost of replacing a transmission is approximately $1,800.  That price includes all related parts like plates, discs and flywheels.  A transmission rebuild is completely different and may cost as much as $3,000.

Now for those variables we spoke about earlier. The first of these variables is whether your transmission is an automatic or a manual.  Automatic transmission replacements generally cost more than manual transmissions.

The next variable is the model and year of your vehicle.  Again, generally speaking, foreign transmissions cost more to replace or repair than domestic transmissions.

Where you live can affect the cost of replacing your transmission.

The amount of damage done to your transmission can definitely affect the cost. Does it need a partial repair or a full replacement?

Finally, different repair shops will charge different prices for a replacement transmission, so always make sure you get several quotes before proceeding.

The best piece of advice we can give is to learn to do replacement/repair jobs yourself, and if you really want to save the maximum in money, shop at your local salvage yard and buy used quality recycled transmissions and transmission parts.  That way you’ll not only save on labor fees but also on the cost of the transmission.

For example:  at a quality salvage yard, a replacement transmission might cost, on average, around $300.  If you do the DIY car repair yourself, there will be no labor costs.  Thus, the total cost of a transmission replacement is $300, or one-sixth of the cost if you had a car mechanic do the job.

Which sounds better, $300 or $1,800?

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