Practically every vehicle sold these days has an air conditioning and heat system. The air conditioner keeps us cool in hot weather and the heater allows us to be comfortable during the cooler months of the year. The AC control and heat switch allocate these luxuries with the flick of a switch.

Although the AC switch and heating controls have advanced during the last 30 years or so, they still experience problems from time-to-time. Like so many car parts, they suffer wear and tear and, when they break down, they’re powerless to do what they were intended.

Your car’s air conditioning launches cool air into a warm area to make it more comfortable. Your air conditioner control relies on its compressor to a large extent. It takes low-pressure vapor from the evaporator and pumps compressed refrigerant to the condenser. Your air conditioner may experience problems after several years, in which case recharging the refrigerant can solve the problem. In other cases, the system may require repairs. Many do-it-yourselfers are able to fix their car air conditioners, but they need to correct parts to take care of the problem.

The heating system utilizes the surplus heat from the internal combustion engine. As a matter of fact, your engine would be ruined if the excess temperature was not removed. Circulating fluid called coolant absorbs most of an engine’s extra heat. It flows away from the engine to the radiator through hoses and is transported to the exterior air. The temperature of the coolant is lowered by the heat transfer and it is dispersed to the engine again to attract more excess heat.

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