To fix or not to fix? That is the question for many DIY car repair wannabees?  Is it nobler to take a chance, do it and risk making a mistake, or caving in and paying a car mechanic to do the work for you at exorbitant prices?

An automobile engine is a complicated machine. There is no doubt about it, but it is not so complicated that it is impossible to repair.  In fact, in most repair situations, the average car owner can do the repair or replacement work.  All that’s lacking, in most cases, is a little confidence and a little bit of knowledge.

Why risk it, you ask?  Why not just take the car to a mechanic and be done with it?

Well, if your name is Bill Gates, we suppose that’s exactly what you should do, but last time we checked there was only one Bill Gates.  The rest of us fall squarely into the category of the “other 99%,” and that means money is important and in short supply.

What are the reasons for doing car repair yourself?  Let’s start with cost.  A certified car mechanic will make, on average, $75 per hour working on your car, usually with a one hour minimum.  Can you really afford to pay someone seventy-five bucks to replace a headlight, when the job itself takes fifteen minutes and anyone could do it?  Can you really afford to pay a mechanic $150 in labor fees to install brake pads when you have the ability to do it?

Doing DIY car repair will also give you a feeling of accomplishment and make you feel more independent.  You will not be so concerned about the life and health of your car because you will know you can handle practically any problem that comes along.

Also, you are much less likely to be cheated by a mechanic because you will know what is wrong and how long it should take to fix it.  Knowledge is power in life and most certainly in car repair.

So, let’s say we’ve convinced you.  What do you need to do?  First, get some basic tools.  You’ll always need wrenches and socket sets, screwdrivers and a car jack.  Then find your car manual and file it somewhere you’ll always be able to find it.  Third, find your local salvage yard for when you need replacement parts.  Why stop saving money on labor when you could be saving money on quality used car parts at a salvage yard  like All Import Auto Parts?

And finally, go online and start reading articles on how to do different car repair jobs.  You just might find out just how easy it really is.