So what is the wiring harness on your vehicle?  Well, the fact is that there are several wiring harnesses on that car or truck that you drive.  First, though, what is a wiring harness?

A wire harness is the group of wires that leads from electrical parts to the engine or other part.  There are wiring harnesses for gadgets in the car, for the engine, etc.  These can be a hotbed for fires if not properly functioning, and also, if not working correctly, they can lead to a total shut down of the electrical system in your vehicle.

The parts of a wire harness are the wire harness itself, the auxiliary cord which connects two or more points, terminals, terminal sleeves, nipple cords, connectors and other very small parts.  The wire harness is actually a bunch of wires that are joined together in a controlled batch, and in order to protect the wires they are coated with mesh wire, waxed wire, or vinyl tubing.

You will generally find a wire harness on your engine; there will also be a wire harness for your audio system and also one that controls the headlights and taillights.  Depending on the make and model of your car there can be several others as well.  In other words, a Lexus may need more wire harnesses than a Nissan.

Replacing a wire harness is not as difficult as it once was because the entire unit is self-contained and plugs into receptors.  In other words, you unplug the harness and replace it with a new one.  And where does one find a wire harness for your vehicle?

Well, you can of course purchase one at a dealership or auto parts store, but your best bet, the one that makes the greatest sense, is to buy your wire harness at a salvage yard.  There is no reason to buy new when a used wire harness will suffice.  In reality, wire harnesses quite often last the life of the vehicle, and the only reason to replace one would be because of fire or other damage not related to the harness.  Thus, buying used makes good sense.

There is no reason to worry about availability.  Just check your owner’s manual to get the proper manufacture’s specs and then shop around.  Call a reputable salvage yard, tell them what you need, and if they don’t have it they can order it from another salvage yard and have it for you within one or two days.