How sad it must be to be the poor, under-appreciated fog lamp.  Your big brother, driving lamp, gets all the fame and notoriety, and your cousins the turn signals get their fair share, but the fog lamp is rarely heard about.  Well, today we will fix all of that!

Little known fact:  in many part of North America it is forbidden to use the fog lamps during dry, clear weather.  The reason for this is because they can blind on oncoming driver because of the nature of the glare they give off.

Fog lamps emit a wide-bar-shaped beam of light and are generally aimed lower than headlights.  The produce a white of yellow beam of light and are intended for use at low speeds.  They are meant to illuminate the ground surface during conditions of low-visibility due to rain, fog or snow.  To use them at other times is frowned upon, and yet many drivers are confused about their intended use and use them oftentimes when it is not necessary.

Contrary to what many people believe, fog lamps are not standard features on many newer cars, but instead are optional.

In addition to fog lamps, automobiles also include headlamps, turn signals, cornering lamps and some models even have off-road lamps and/or spot lights.  The use of off-road lamps and spot light are illegal as well when driving on normal roads because they can be quite blinding to oncoming cars and drivers.  In addition, most times these are also options and are usually purchased as aftermarket items.

One other note and that would be concerning the headlights, which also include a high beam light to aid when driving on dark roads that have very little illumination, but again, the use of high beams is forbidden if conditions do not warrant their use.

Naturally, the replacement of fog lamps or any other illumination device is a simple process, usually only involving the replacement of the bulb itself.  You can of course purchase these lamps and lights at a dealership or auto parts store, but the reality of the situation is that you will save money by shopping at your local salvage yard.  Why pay more and pay for installment when it is a very simple procedure?

All Import Auto Parts carries practically any fog lamp or any other head lamp that you might need, and if we don’t have it in stock we can get it for you within one or two days at the most.  These are very common items and it is quite easy to find the part you will need.