So are you in the market for a used radiator? Are you feeling a little inadequate because you aren’t even sure what a radiator does? Well you have come to the right place because we are going to give you a quick, 300 words on used radiators and by the time we get done you will be an expert.

The main job of a radiator is to cool the engine. A coolant, made of water and antifreeze, is passed through the engine block. As it circulates it goes from hot to cool and then recycles and starts all over again. A series of tubes are used to transfer this coolant along its journey.

Up until thirty years ago radiators were made of copper and brass, but since then radiator construction has consisted of aluminum for the most part because it is a lighter material and it costs much less than copper or brass. As the Green Revolution began to gain prominence it was also prudent to cut down on mining for copper so aluminum and especially recycled aluminum became much more popular in constructing radiators.

Radiators as you might have guessed are located just inside your grille in the front of your vehicle and they are there for a reason: the outside air flows into the grille and cools down the radiator so that the radiator fan does not have to activate.

Do you have to replace a radiator and you don’t have the confidence to do so? If you have a wrench and a screw driver chances are that you can do this job, and after you do it head on down to your local salvage yard to buy a replacement part.

We have said it before but we will say it again: no matter which part you are replacing, be it the transmission or brakes or fuel pump or distributor, why pay more for a new part when a used part is reliable and much less-expensive? It just makes good sense to buy used parts from a reliable salvage yard dealer and then even if you don’t know how to install it chances are you know someone who will trade a little labor for a dinner out.

For all of your used parts needs come see us at All Import Auto Parts, your Fort Worth salvage yard where savings take place each and every day. We are here to serve.