There will always be things that you need to replace on your car the longer you have it. It is only smart if you find a way to save money while making those replacements.

Your car body has many parts that can break during its life time. There are door parts, seat parts, upholstery, engine parts, exterior and interior parts that can all be broken or worn down after a few years. The good news is that most of these things are replaceable and many for an affordable price. It will not cost you an arm and a leg to fix something that is broken like seat parts. Some things that can be salvaged for a cheap price that you may need to get are door parts. The reason door parts are often needed to be replaced is because they tend to receive the most wear and tear over the years. Many door handles are plastic and flimsy and have to withstand extreme hit and then have a lot of force pulled against them when a door is opened. Along with that there is the issue of slammed doors which over the years takes its toll on door parts.

Car body parts are not always expensive if you know where to get them. Chances are if an auto body part has been broken or needs to be replaced for whatever reason, you are better off trying to salvage parts. Salvaged items are much more affordable and easier to get. If you try going through a dealership or a company you could not only have to pay whole sale price but it can become very expensive and time consuming trying to get the right one. By trying to salvage it you are paying pennies on the dollar and you are not dealing with any middle men looking to make a large profit on your time. There is nothing wrong with salvage parts because they are nearly as good as new ones and the price difference is insane. If a door panel costs $100 new and you find one for $5, it doesn’t matter that the cheaper one has a few years on it, that price difference is enough to be a major factor. Seat parts are very similar in that they usually are pricier to replace if you get them new and used ones are almost as good but far less expensive.