Audi is coming after Toyota with a vengeance.

Well, maybe not Audi so much as its parent company Volkswagen, but the point is the same:  VW is not happy being Number Two in the world among car manufacturers, so the warning has been issued, the Toyota better be looking over its shoulder.

Audi plans on becoming the number one luxury car in the world, and to that end they are spending $29 billion over the next five years to develop technologies and expand production.  About 70 percent of that total is marked for new models like the Q1 subcompact SUV, and Audi plans on selling 1.7 million vehicles this year which would be a record.

Chief Executive Rupert Stadler states:  “We are making large investments in the innovative areas of electric mobility, connectivity and lightweight construction,” and he also stated that the brand intends to increase its lineup from fifty models to sixty by 2020.

Audi is currently the No. 2 luxury-car manufacturer globally, behind BMW.  Audi already outsells BMW in China and Europe, and is now aiming to outsell BMW in the United States.  They are unveiling the Prologue concept car in Los Angeles, and they are planning an electric crossover for the U.S. in 2017.  They will also be building a factory in Mexico that will start building the Q5 SUV in 2016 for America.

Audis extra spending is part of VWs 85.6 billion dollar investment globally in an effort to beat Toyota Motor Corporation.  They have been gaining on VW for several years now, and analysts agree what if it doesn’t happen in 2014 it most assuredly will happen in 2015.  Volkswagen currently has three of the all-time selling automobiles in history with the Beetle, Jetta, and Golf.

This is all great news for those of you who own an Audi, and for that matter for any owner of a Volkswagen, BMW, or Toyota.  Extra investment at the corporation level means greater quality at the showroom level, and that means better driving experiences for drivers worldwide.  Competition will always bring out the best in a corporation.

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