One of the fine German vehicles that seems to go unnoticed in the States is the Audi.  While Mercedes-Benz and BMW got most of the attention and press, the Audi offers great craftsmanship and value for your dollar.

Maybe it’s the names of the Audis that confuses people.  We have the A1, A3, A4, A5, Q3, Q5, Q7, and then we have all the S’s and R’s, and don’t forget the TT’s.  Maybe Americans can’t wrap their brains around a car called an A1.  It just doesn’t sound as cool as names like Camaro  or Mustang.

Well, the Audi name may not sound cool, but the Audi name does stand for excellent German engineering, so which would you rather have, a cool car name or a car that will perform to the highest standards in the automotive world?

Here’s the thing, though:  great engineering means higher cost, not only in the initial cost of the vehicle, but also in the cost of replacement parts, and that is certainly true when talking about the Audi electrical components replacement cost.  Replacing a distributor, or a speedometer, or a voltage regulator of even a headlight, can be expensive if you own an Audi.  Not only do you pay $75 per hour or more for mechanic labor, but then you have to pay through the nose for new replacement parts from the Audi dealership or an auto parts store, and who has that kind of spare change sitting around?  Not many of us, right?

But there is an alternative, and it is an alternative that millions of Audi owners are turning to:  do it yourself!

That’s right, do it yourself!  Replace those worn out parts all by yourself, and save hundreds of dollars.  Let’s take an example.  Let’s say you need to replace the distributor in your Audi.  You take it to a mechanic, and they give you an estimate of $200 to replace that distributor.  That breaks down to about $80 for the new distributor and $120 for mechanic labor.


Or you can do it yourself.  In the second scenario, you instantly save $120 in mechanic labor, and then you go to your local salvage yard, some premium place like All Import Auto Parts, and you find a replacement distributor for $40.

Which would you rather pay, $40 or $200?

It’s a no-brainer, right?

For the best in Audi electrical replacement parts, visit All Import Auto Parts.  You won’t be disappointed.