Few automobiles have withstood the test of grind and time like this series. The BMW 323i is one of the more durable cars and has been on the road for many years. What people like the most about this particular vehicle is that it has outstanding handling, gives you a smooth ride, solid gas mileage, and a roomy interior. The BMW 323i is also very comfortable for long family trips one downside to this vehicle, and every car for that matter, is that even if it is extremely durable, it can have parts wear down or even break over the years.


Even a car like the 323i can have wear and tear the longer is stays on the road. You can prevent some problems by driving safely and taking better care of the vehicle, but in the end parts will need to be replaced. The reason you purchased such a reliable vehicle like the 323is is because you wanted to save money on having to buy a new car anytime soon. If you do have to replace parts you want to use BMW used parts or cheap auto parts from a junk yard rather than having to buy them new. New parts will be almost identical to a used one, but cost much more. Salvage parts are great because they are easy to find, especially BMW used parts, and they are very affordable. Taking your vehicle to the mechanic or shop to get new parts will not make things easier on you financially because you have to pay for labor, and the mechanic will make a profit on an already expensive part. Salvage parts are much less expensive and even if you need someone to install it, they can not charge you for the part.


You want to buy a new car because it is nice, economical, and also fits what you are looking for in a vehicle. You want to buy a durable car so that you do not have to spend the money on buying another new car for quite some time. The BMW 323i is a very durable car and will stay on the road for a long time.