The BMW 740i, a full-size luxury sedan, is the German carmaker’s flagship automobile. A twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder power plant that generates 315 horsepower powers the current 740i, which rolled onto BMW showroom floors in the spring of 2010. It comes standard with a six-speed automatic transmission that will thrust the car from zero to 60 miles-per-hour in an astonishing 4.6 seconds. No other luxury car in the 740i’s class features a six-cylinder engine, even a turbocharged one. 

High-precision direct fuel injection, Brake Energy Regeneration, all-aluminum structure and Double-Vanos variable camshaft technology are among the systems used under the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy to put the 740i among the world’s most potent six-cylinder luxury sedans. 

The power plant in the BMW 740i rumbles like an eight-cylinder while using no more fuel than the standard inline-six. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s figures support this statement, rating the 740i at 17 miles-per-gallon in the city and 25 miles-per-gallon on the highway while demanding premium fuel. Considering the 740i weights in at 4,432 pounds with the new-style F01 body, those mileage figures are tough to beat. 

The latest BMW 740i, which competes with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ, comes with an additionally spontaneous iDrive system with a full-featured Internet web browser. This technologically advanced scheme provides affluent entertainment as well as a safer all-around ride, proving that power isn’t everything.

Simply put, automotive experts say the 740i is BMW’s best 7-Series automobile to date, and it presents every fuel economy benefit as the ActiveHybrid 750i without the $32,000 technology up-charge. 

Possessing a BMW 740i provides all the prestige of the BMW name as well as the duty of maintaining an attractive, high-performance automobile. Car enthusiasts who purchase People who buy these awesome vehicles typically take excellent care of them to shelter their investment, too. It’s to their advantage to ensure they use only high-quality replacement car parts and car accessories. Purchasing cheap auto parts for a world-class car like a BMW 740i is asking for trouble. They won’t last, nor will they do your automobile justice. BMW used parts from a trusted foreign auto parts dealer like All-Import Auto Parts is the way to go.