The BMW Z3, the German carmaker’s first new car manufactured in the United States, was BMW’s original mass-market roadster. BMW launched the Z3 – built in Spartanburg, South Carolina – as a 1996 model year automobile after featuring it in the James Bond movie, “GoldenEye.”

Marketing the BMW Z3 as the ideal gift in its 1995 Christmas catalog, Neiman Marcus helped launch a sales effort that resulted in the sale of all 15,000 automobiles in its initial production run before it even rolled onto showroom floors.

The BMW Z3 was a fun, stylish sports car that invigorated the affordable sports car market, and it enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with its adoring public.

All Z3s come equipped with BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control that integrates stability improvement and all-speed traction management. Two structural hoops behind each seat provide rollover protection. They also have four-wheel antilock disc brakes, side-impact airbags and front airbags that include the “smart” passenger airbag. Each Z3 also comes with BMW’s Dynamic Brake Control system that enables stable braking in tricky turns.

The BMW Z3 2.5i is powered by a 2.5-liter, 184-hoursepower, dual-overhead-cam inline-six-cylinder power plant. BMW installs a 3.0-liter-inline-six engine in the Z3 3.0i. A five-speed manual transmission comes standard, while the BMW Z3 offers an optional five-speed automatic. Steptronic is an automatic transmission feature that allows the driver to manually select gear changes. Another standard feature is the limited-slip rear differential.

The economical price of a used Z3 roadster puts it within reach of those who might not be able to afford its lofty pleasures had they attempted to purchase it when it was new several years before. Sports car enthusiasts in the market for a dazzling used coupe or convertible that handles even better than it looks should investigate this brilliant BMW.

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