In the world of compact SUV’s there is no clear winner.  The Mercedes-Benz GLK350 is a good choice at a reasonably low price.  The Audi Q5 has a smooth ride while the Volvo XC60 is best used by busy families who need lots of room.  Then we have the BMW X3, a combination of them all, not superior in any one aspect but a nice blend of everything you might want in a compact SUV.

The 2012 BMW X3 is the second generation of this model and as such has been improved considerably since the first generation his the market over ten years ago.  Where once there was inferior materials in the making we now find finely upgraded materials worthy of the BMW name.  Where once there was a second-rate suspension there is now a suspension capable of handling rough roads.  Where once there was a rather unresponsive engine and transmission there is now some serious horses and smooth shifting.

The X3 is available with either a 3.0-liter inline-6 engine that gives 240 horsepower of a turbo-charged that gives 300 horsepower.  An eight-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode is standard in both trims, as is All wheel drive.

Do you want responsive?  How about 0-60 in 5.6 seconds?  Fuel economy hovers around 19-26 and safety features like antilock disc brakes and enough airbags to cover your entire body are all standard.

This wouldn’t be a BMW if it did not have some pretty nice standard features and this one is definitely a BMW.  17, 18 or 19-inch alloy wheels are available as is a 12-speaker sound system with CD player and HD radio.  There is also a power tailgate and rear window sunshades to further entice a would-be buyer.

The overall impression of the X3 is very favorable.  This is a very responsive car that handles any highway condition quite well and provides enough room for a decent-sized family.  Priced under $38,000 it is a bit more expensive than some of the competition but that is really nitpicking because this is really a very fine car.

Since the X3 has been around now for eleven or twelve years, replacement parts are plentiful no matter where you shop, but as always it is recommended that you shop for most replacement auto parts at a reputable salvage yard.  Why pay more when recycled auto parts carry a warranty?

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