Say “convertible” to the average driver and they will think of windblown hair on a nice summer day.  Say “Jaguar convertible” to the same drivers and they will think adrenaline rush of the highest order.  The Jaguar automobiles are not for every driver.  These vehicles are designed for speed and luxury and they deliver time and time again.  If all you want is your hair blown then ride a bike; if you want your heart racing during a jaw-dropping experience, then buy a Jaguar convertible and driving will never again be the same.

These European Import cars, made in Great Britain and in business since 1922, are all about the thrill that driving a car can be.  Slide behind the wheel of an XK, XJ, or XF series Jag, turn the key, and instantly your pulse will quicken.  The Jaguar convertibles come with V6, V8, V12, or V16 engines capable of between 290-370 horsepower and capable of a top speed, in the XKR, of 174 miles per hour.  These are not Sunday-go-to-meetin’ cars but rather Sunday-blow-your-socks off cars.

Setting aside the adrenalin rush for a second, the other thing you will notice immediately is just how quiet a ride you get in a Jaguar.  The OHC engine and all of its horses is muffled by advanced technology and layer upon layer of insulation.  What you get is an incredibly silent ride in the ultimate sleek machine.  Like its namesake, the Jag is a big cat ready to be unleashed and capable of running down any prey it chooses to chase. 

That kind of thrill does not come cheap and buyers can expect to pay between $50,000 and $100,000 for a new Jaguar depending on the model.  Likewise, if you have a used Jag, replacement parts are expensive and the wise buyer will shop around in search of the part they need.  One option is to go to an auto parts store that specializes in imports and Jaguars in particular.  One such auto parts dealer is All Import Auto Parts in Fort Worth, Texas.  With over 5 million foreign and domestic parts in stock and a computer system that can find the part you need almost instantly, it is possible to experience savings of up to 60%.  When you consider the full price of a Jaguar softtop, that kind of savings cannot be ignored.

If price is a consideration then a Jaguar convertible is not the car for you.  But if money is no object and the thrill of a lifetime is what you seek, then by all means test drive a Jaguar XKR or XKE convertible and find out just how fun driving can be.