Jaguar has been making “saloons” since 1935 and the word “luxury” has had a place in Jaguar advertising since that first car came out of the assembly plant.

Since then the tag of luxury has either been well-deserved or over-stated, depending on who you talk to. Loyal Jaguar owners, especially in England, will swear by the old lady of car manufacturers and will tell you that anything less than a Jaguar just won’t do.

To those of us “across the pond” who have seen the luxury cars made by American car manufacturers and later by Japanese car manufacturers and of course those luxury models made in Germany, well, we are not so easily convinced.

Regardless, the term luxury is important regarding Jaguar because it means that Jaguar replacement parts have retained their price point simply because of reputation and a degree of difficulty in attaining them.

Jaguar dealers simply cannot carry a full line of replacement parts for all Jags made over the years; if you own one of these classics you are left with ordering overseas and all of the cost that that entails.

But there is a better solution for those of you polishing your Jaguar as you read this article: go to All Import Auto Parts or another reputable salvage yard for your Jaguar replacement parts. Savings of up to 60% can be had for the discerning buyer.

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Jaguar: the name means luxury and style and the replacement parts mean a sucking sound from your wallet. It doesn’t, however, have to be that way. Sign up at All Import Auto Parts and let us save you money the next time we get a Jaguar at our Fort Worth salvage yard.