So here is a question for you: where are you going to find used parts for a Jaguar XJ8 and not have to break the bank buying them?

Let’s save the answer to that question for a little while longer and instead look at the car itself. The Jaguar XJ8 is, in a word, a classic. But then aren’t all Jaguars? Even when talking about current models, upon first look you get the distinct feeling that you have seen this car before. That is the intention quite frankly: the makers of Jaguar believe in tradition and elegance and a feeling of regality, so each of their “trims” has the feeling and the look of a regal machine.

It is rather interesting to look at the new Jaguar models. Tucked inside of them are some great technological features but they look a little strange with the burnished wood interior and the fine handcrafted upholstery. It looks like Star Wars meets Edwardian England.

Back to the purpose of this article. The XJ8 has some serious muscle under the hood with the 4.0-liter V8 kicking out 290 horsepower and the supercharged V8 capable of 370 horsepower and speeds of 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. That’s some serious speed when you consider that it is a stately luxury sedan doing the speeding.

Enough of the preliminaries; now it’s time to get to the point of this article. All Jaguar used parts are expensive. We would love to sugar-coat it for you but there is no other way to say it: European import cars and their replacement parts are expensive……when bought at an auto parts store or a dealership. But there is a solution that won’t put you in the poor house should you need some used parts or aftermarket parts for your Jaguar.

Go to All Import Auto Parts in Fort Worth, the salvage yard that specializes in import cars and does not charge an arm and a leg to their customers for those parts. At All Import Auto Parts you can find the Jaguar used parts you need for upwards of 60% off what you would pay at an auto parts store. Considering the fact that Jaguar used parts are already expensive just because they are Jaguar parts, then why in the world would you want to pay any more than you have to?