Let’s take a moment to talk about all that is right with the Jaguar XJ Series.  Introduced in 1968, the Jag XJ was considered the epitome of luxury sedans.  Graced with an uncommon quiet and the ability to make the driver one with the road, the XJ led the world for a number of years.  Even as the decades passed and competition got stronger, even as the old lines of the XJ became somewhat “boring”, traditionalists pointed at the XJ Series and proclaimed its magnificent sleek lines and aristocratic bloodlines.

The only problem with the XJ Series was that the automotive world was passing it by; the general buying public was smitten with new offerings and tradition took a back seat to technology and the advancement of changing public attitudes.

Finally, in 2011, Jaguar introduced the new XJ, and tradition, if not completely discarded, was at least put on the back burner in favor of some radical changes.  To a driving enthusiast with a keen eye, the new XJ looks nothing like the old XJ Series, and for the general public that’s a very good thing, although to traditionalists it may be a slap in the face.

From 1968 to 2010 the XJ Series was a steady string of European import cars that provided the ultimate driving experience.  Harsh road conditions could not be felt.  It felt, in fact, like the smoothest ride imaginable, and the driver had the feeling that they owned the road and controlled every facet of the road.  As for quiet, well, nobody does quiet like Jaguar.

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