You get what you pay for; isn’t that the line we all grew up with?  Well, in the case of the Land Rover Range Rover, it may not be true.  Priced high and riding a reputation as rugged, the Range Rover isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Years of dependability issues have followed the Range Rover so that, quite frankly, it is not the vehicle it once was.

The Range Rover debuted over forty years ago and it quickly earned a reputation as a go-anywhere off-road beast.  Today it leans more towards opulence and status, but it still can take you practically anywhere you wish to travel.

Powered by a 5.0-liter V8 rated at 375 horsepower, it is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifts.  The supercharged model gets an eye-popping 501 horsepower and still manages to keep its fuel economy at 12/18, not bad for such a huge engine.

If you are looking at the competition then look at the Lexus LX 570, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GL 550, Porsche Cayenne and the Range Rover Sport, and look at them closely because, quite frankly, unless you are going on safari in Africa they might be a better choice.

Standard features include 19-inch wheels, an adjustable air suspension, foglights, front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, heated windshield, sunroof, automatic bi-xenon headlight, surround-sound audio system with 14 speakers and wood interior trim. In other words, the Range Rover is loaded with all the modern amenities.

Safety comes with antilock disc brakes, traction control, stability control, hill descent control and a full-compliment of airbags.

So what are we really saying about the Range Rover?  The Range Rover is a beast and it is capable of fording streams and climbing small hills without breaking a sweat.  It has all the power you could ask for and you never have to worry about getting stuck in inclement weather.  However, how many times in your lifetime do you really need a vehicle that can take you to places where roads are non-existent?  For the most part, there are much better choices in the SUV field that will not cost you nearly as much as the Range Rover.  In our opinion, a few less standard features and a lower price would go miles towards returning this vehicle to the prominence it once enjoyed.  Besides, they now have a history of being un-dependable and that is not a good history to have.

If you are looking for used parts for your Range Rover, and you will be looking for them eventually, look no further than your local salvage yard for great deals on quality replacement parts.