Driving a luxury car such as the Mercedes m500 is a dream that most have and many believe that they cannot achieve. Especially when it comes to the more pricy models such as the vaunted M-class, people realize that they should just settle for a less glamorous model or manufacturer. But that is not the case. A Mercedes m500 may be the perfect car for someone who has a car buying budget, but wants that budget to extend to some of the finest luxury vehicles ever conceived. A Mercedes m500 may be perfect because Mercedes pre-owned vehicles, such as the m500, maintain the quality control and styling of a new Mercedes without the price tag.

To start with the Mercedes m500 is a small SUV that takes the sports utility name seriously. Lately, manufacturers have been making both trucks and SUVs more road worthy, and they have sacrificed their ability to perform off road. Of course, the people buying this class of car want to have smooth road performance from their Mercedes m500, but it is nice to have the added ability with the m500 4MATIC   system to leave the conventional road and comfortably explore rougher terrain. A need to travel some unpaved roads should not mean that an individual has to sacrifice luxury and ride. Mercedes agrees and the m500 series has the ruggedness to allow for an off road jaunt.

Smaller SUVs also will sacrifice power for fuel efficiency. This is an issue because sometimes there is a need to employ the upper reaches of a powerful V8, such as the Mercedes m500 has, to get around slower traffic. The 388 hp Mercedes m500 engine allows for a burst of smooth power that will thrill even the most engine conscious drivers.

Styling is also a hallmark of the Mercedes m500. Graceful, aerodynamic lines flow along the door panels, and the m500 interior is filled with leather and chrome. The advanced sound system, interior temperature management system and very readable displays make the Mercedes m500 a pleasure to drive and ride in. It is no secret that SUVs are improving as better technology becomes available, but the Mercedes m500 is ahead of its time.

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