If you still own a Mercedes 300D then you certainly know how to take care of a vehicle. As one of the oldest models the company produced, this car has withstood the test of time and is still going strong today. It is a great testament to the strength of a vehicle when it passes the ten and twenty year mark and it is a great benefit to the owner because they do not have to purchase a new vehicle every few years. However, it can also be expensive trying to keep a car on the road for that long, you will need to replace parts as they fall off, wear down, and break. The Mercedes 300D may be durable, but no vehicle can withstand years and years of usage without having a few parts break. Finding new parts for such an old vehicle can not only be difficult, it can also become very expensive.

If you are looking to replace basic parts, or even ones that do not cost a lot of money, you can let your mechanic order and install them. However, if you need to replace something that is expensive on your 300 d, but it does not have to be brand new, then you may want to head to the junk yard or search online for used parts for Mercedes. The advantage to using salvage parts rather than new ones is that you can save up to 90% of the price. If your mechanic has to order a new part, they have to pay full price and charge you a mark up for the transaction and their time. If you look online yourself for used parts for Mercedes, you can order the part, save hundreds of dollars, and pay them for the installation. Car parts can be very expensive if you are not willing to take the time to find them yourself. Salvage parts are easy to find online or at a near by junk yard and they are very inexpensive. Another great thing about car parts from online or a junk yard is that they actually are very durable and not inferior to new parts, so you do not have to worry about that. That is the cheapest and smartest way to keeping your Mercedes 300 d on the road.