Are you the current owner of a Mercedes-Benz?  If so, congratulations!  You don’t need us to tell you that you are driving the very best in German engineering.  If there is a better road-handling luxury automobile, we would be hard-pressed to name it.  The Mercedes-Benz is that good!

The current Mercedes-Benz lineup consists of the following:

$1·         A-Class

$1·         B-Class

$1·         C-Class

$1·         CL-Class

$1·         CLA-Class

$1·         CLS-Class

$1·         E-Class

$1·         G-Class

$1·         M-Class

$1·         S-Class

$1·         R-Class

And them some more variations on those styles.  All quality cars and all made to last.


No matter how good a car it is, there will come a time when you will need replacement body parts for your Mercedes-Benz.  Great engineering cannot prevent an out-of-control grocery cart from banging into your car door.  Great engineering cannot prevent the driver of the car next to you from switching lanes without signaling and thus creasing your fender.  Great engineering cannot prevent a fall storm from dropping tree branches on the hood of your Mercedes-Benz.

So, great car or not, eventually you are going to need to replace some of your Mercedes-Benz body parts, whether it be the grille, the side panels, the doors, windshield or the trunk lid.

And those body parts are expensive.

If you don’t believe us, call up your Mercedes-Benz dealership and ask them to quote a price on a door panel for a 2010 C-Class.  Make sure you are sitting down when you get the quote, because you might feel a bit feint from the shock.

So, what’s a car owner supposed to do?  You find a great deal on a used Mercedes, it suffers some body damage, and you don’t have the money to buy new replacement parts….what do you do?

Head on down to your local salvage yard.  Listen, things have changed since the days when salvage yards were called junk yards.  Today, modern salvage yards carry only the best in quality used body parts, so you can shop with confidence and know you are replacing your Mercedes body parts with quality used parts…and…you save big bucks.

How much do you save?  Hundreds on Mercedes door panels, hoods, trunks, quarter panels, and more.  Hundreds of dollars!

Who out there does not want to save hundreds of dollars on car parts?

All Import Auto Parts is here for ya.  Head on down and pick out your quality Mercedes used body parts today and save a boatload of money.