The Mercedes CL500 continues a long line of tradition for Mercedes with top of the line, luxury vehicles. This particular model reviews great reviews for safety ratings, handling, power, and of course, luxury and features. However, it is no secret that a new Mercedes CL500 can be a bit expensive, even if you are financing. Combine that with these hard economic times we are faced with and it is easy to see why people would not be able to afford this car or want to risk having that kind of debt added to their monthly bills. The good news is that you can get the same great vehicle for a smaller price tag if you were to purchase an older model. What is great about the older CL500 is that they still come with the great features you expect, but they cost so much less.

One knock on owning a used vehicle is that parts have gone through years of wear and tear and will need to be replaced eventually. That is true, but that does not mean you should worry about buying a used car. If you need to spend $2,000 a year for maintenance on a used vehicle and it still costs $5,000 a year less than if you bought the same one new, you are still saving money. You can keep the cost of maintenance down if you buy Mercedes-Benz used parts rather than new car parts. People usually buy new car parts rather than cheap auto parts because they think the used ones are inferior. The truth is that Mercedes-Benz used parts are not inferior, in fact they are nearly as durable as new ones and cost a fraction of the price. The less you have to spend on parts every year, the more money you will save and the easier it is to stay on the road. That is why it is very smart to use cheap auto parts to keep your used Mercedes CL500 running smoothly.