If there is one thing this economy has taught us it is that we can easily substitute something new for something older, and still get what we want. Few cars can back that theory up as well as the Mercedes E420, one of the longest lasting luxury vehicles made. If you are looking to buy a new car and you want something that has great handling, solid speed, respected safety features, but also fits the title of luxury car, then you need to purchase a Mercedes E420 because even though it may have a few years on it, it still is a great vehicle.

If you are looking at an older E420 instead of a new one to help you save money during these hard economic times, then you also want to learn about the best ways to maintain the car and save some money. If parts wear down or even break, you do not want to take your car into the mechanics every time to fix it. Mercedes used parts are not expensive, but unfortunately rarely used by mechanics. They use new import car parts that can be expensive for you. New import car parts are sold at full price, shipped, and then are marked up so that the person fixing your car can make a profit on it as well. By finding salvage parts to fix your vehicle you can save almost 90% on the cost for materials but that’s not all. Mercedes used parts are not junk even though they are found in a junk yard. Salvage parts are actually very durable, and last nearly as long as new parts but cost a fraction of the price. By buying an older car you may need to keep up on the maintenance but you will be saving a lot of money on the purchase price. Vehicles can last for years and years, and if you know how to take care of them they can last you even longer. If you want your Mercedes E420 to last you a long time then you need to replace broken pieces with Mercedes used parts to help you save a lot of money.