There has always been a strong debate over buying a new car or a used car. Using the Mercedes M300, a new model will have more features and newer attractions. Financing may be easier as an option but it will be more expensive when you add up the costs of everything over the year. Your insurance will be higher for owning a new car that is also financed. Maintenance costs will be small but that may not make up for the expensive monthly payments you will have to make. Some of the bad marks against buying a used Mercedes M300 have to do more with buying a used car in general. The main issue is with the annual maintenance costs for repairs and replacements to damaged, worn down, or broken parts. These costs can be high if you are replacing parts with new ones ordered by the dealership or even your mechanic. If you really want to save a lot of money, you need to replace broken parts with used parts for Mercedes. Cheap auto parts do not necessarily mean bad parts. You can find plenty of quality cheap auto parts online or at your local junk yard.

 The importance of used parts for Mercedes is that you can replace the broken or worn down pieces for a very inexpensive price. If you need to replace the bumper on your M300, that can cost a lot. If it costs $1,000 just for the part, you may want to find automotive used parts that are less expensive. A used bumper may only cost $200 but still be just as good as a new one. Automotive used parts are not inferior in quality to new ones, just inferior in price. If you are willing to take the time to shop for quality used parts for Mercedes, you will find them online with ease and that will help you save a lot of money with your used Mercedes M300.