For those of you who love driving with the windows or tops down, letting the wind go through your hair, the Mercedes sl500 is for you. Few vehicles, especially convertibles, offer such an amazing thrill and ride as a Mercedes, a trend that has gone on for years now. This brand of car is most famous because of its history of quality luxury vehicles that offer great handling, amazing safety features, and a sleek design. However, a convertible 500sl can be a bit pricey if you are not careful. That is why your best bet is to actually purchase an older model.

Older model cars are great because they cost less money, they are proven in durability and comfort ability, and they are easy to maintain. Now it is well know that used cars require more work and attention, but newer ones are more expensive to maintain. For example, if you have a transmission problem with a newer car, the majority of it will be fixed under warranty. However, if that transmission is over the miles for the warranty, you still need to replace it and the entire cost comes to you. Also, because the car is newer, you need newer parts which are more expensive, especially for a foreign car. When things break down on an older car you can replace them with Mercedes used parts. The great thing about cheap auto parts is that they are easy to find either by searching online or by going to your local junk yard. A used part can be as much as 90% cheaper than a newer part and nearly as durable. There is a misconception that older parts, especially those from junk yards, are inferior to new parts. The fact is that older parts do have some wear and tear, but they are nearly as durable as the newer parts and cost much less. If you really want to own a great convertible like the sl500 Mercedes, you can do so and save a lot of money by buying an older model.