1963 was the year when automotive history was made with the introduction of one of the icons of the motor world.  In 1963 the Porsche 911 was introduced and for 49 years it has remained virtually unchanged, a symbol of driving excellence.

For those who like their icons unchanged then 2012 will not disappoint you with regards to the 911 because it again looks basically the same as it has for all of these years.  Oh sure, there are some small cosmetic changes and some techno gadgets have been added, but once you see it drive down the street you will know exactly what it is.

Oddly there will be two 911’s offered in 2012, the old-style and the new generation which is called the 991.  Whatever the heck you call them, though, they are great cars that basically symbolize all that is wonderful about performance cars.  If you have a spare $80,000 then buy one of these vehicles and then go out and have some fun.

Again the 911 features the rear-mounted engine in either a 3.4-liter 350 horsepower or the 3.8-liter engine with 400 horsepower.  Depending on the trim it will go from 0-60 either in 4.4 seconds or 3.9 seconds.  Not too shabby!

A seven-speed manual transmission is standard and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is also available.  Several other trims are available but rather than discuss the other features like the 19-inch wheels, great stereo system or performance brakes, let’s talk about performance.

If it is possible this year’s 911 actually handles better than ever before with sharp turning and responsive braking and oh my goodness, the acceleration.  This is perhaps the best feature of a 911; this car not only accelerates like a wild cat on fire but it sounds really cool while it does it and let’s face it, the sound is very, very important if you are a driving purist.

When you accelerate in a 911 heads turn and people pay attention.  Not so in a Honda Fit!  There is a reason why you pay that much money for a 911 and the reason is performance and the “cool” factor.

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