Take the top down on your Porsche Boxster and let the wind ruffle your hair as you cruise down the highway on a late-summer day.  Would that be a dream or what?

For some of you, it is no dream.  Some of you out there own a Porsche, one of the finest production cars ever made, and to all of you, we just want to say how jealous we are.  The 911 Targa, the 912, the 914, Boxster, Carrera, Cayman, Cayenne, the entire line of German luxury automobiles is a car drivers wildest dream come true…unless….

Unless something goes wrong with your Porsche suspension or steering, and then the repairs on that Porsche are going to set you back a pretty penny. Let’s face it, replacement parts for that fine German engineering cost an arm, a leg, and your first born if it is something major like the transmission or engine.  Even the regular, every day suspension and steering parts like the control arm, idler arm, kingpin, Pitman arm, rack end, shock absorber, steering arm, all of these parts are quite pricey when we are talking about a Porsche.

So what does the average guy or gal do?  Let’s say they went to a used car dealership and found a great deal on a Porsche Targa.  They now own their dream car, and life is good.  True, they are now broke, but life is still good…and then…the steering shaft breaks and they have to replace it, and they go to the dealership or auto repair shop and find out they will have to pay $400 for a replacement steering shaft and installation.


But there is an alternative, so never fear!

You could do the car repair yourself and save those four bills for a real emergency should it come.

And now you say, “But I don’t know how to replace a steering shaft,” and we reply, “You haven’t tried it, and once you do you will find out that most car repairs are not that difficult.”  Heck, get your son-in-law to do it for you.  Whatever route you take, you’ll have to buy the replacement parts, and there is no better place to do that than your local salvage yard.

Places like All Import Auto Parts will have that Porsche steering shaft and a considerable discount, and you can shop with confidence because all used parts come with a warranty.

So drive that Porsche and enjoy the last days of summer, and if anything should go wrong, just steer on down to All Import Auto Parts for all of your Porsche used parts needs.