If you are an owner of a Volkswagen, congratulations!  Depending on the year, VW is either one, two or three among the largest automakers in the world.  Add to that the fact that three of the all-time greatest selling cars in history, the Golf, the Beetle and the Passat, were all made by VW, and it becomes rather obvious that any serious car-buyer absolutely must test-drive a Volkswagen before making the buying decision.  It would be irresponsible not to do so.  VWs are that good!

But they are still machines, and machines undergo incredible wear and tear, and anytime mechanical parts that are moving constantly have wear and tear, replacement parts are eventually needed.  Major systems like the Volkswagen engine system, the brake system and the transmission system, all are made up of hundreds of auto parts, and any of those parts can fail at some point in the car’s life.  “Das Auto” is no exception to this rule no matter how good they are at making a car.

VW transmissions undergo rigorous testing, and last for hundreds of thousands of miles usually.  Parts like the clutch cable, clutch pedal, differential case, pinion bearing, gear pump, Idler gear, planetary gear  set, shift fork, shift lever, slave cylinder and transfer case will, eventually, need to be replaced.

And one truth you can take to the bank is that transmission repair will be costly.  Auto mechanics charge, on average, $75 per hour, and the simplest VW transmission problem is going to take two hours, so right out of the chute you’re looking at $150 in labor fees before you purchase the VW transmission replacement part.

And those are expensive!  VW replacement parts come from Germany, and that means extra shipping costs and tariffs and my goodness, it’s enough to make the average driver contemplate walking to work.

But never fear!  There is an alternative, one many, many car owners are turning to.

DIY car repair is returning to the United States.  Oh, true, it never really left, but it certainly declined from the 1960s on, and might have kept on declining if it were not for the recession of a few years back.  Suddenly people were forced to begin working on their cars again as the only possible financial solution to car maintenance.  And you can do it too!

VW transmission repair sounds like it is a complicated mess but honestly, most VW transmission parts can be replaced by the average car owner.  And all VW transmission parts can be purchased at huge discounts at your local salvage yard.  Places like All Import Auto Parts can save you big money.