Can you name the number one car manufacturer in the world?  Most of you will either name Toyota, GM, or Volkswagen, and those of you who said VW would be absolutely correct.  Now, if you had been asked which manufacturer is number one in vehicles it would have been Toyota….but….for passenger cars VW is king of the hill until someone knocks them off.

So, do you own a Beetle?  How about a Golf, or a Jetta, or a Passat or Scirocco or Tiguan, Tourag or Polo?  Just about anything you need can be found at Volkswagen, unless you are looking for a pickup truck and then you will need to look elsewhere of course.

And what about replacement parts for that VW of yours?  Where are you going to find Volkswagen parts?

Well goodness, just about anywhere you look is your answer.  You can find VW parts online through ebay or craigslist.  You can find them new at the dealership or at an auto parts store.  Or, you can do what millions of smart shoppers are doing, and you can find your VW replacement parts at your local salvage yard.

Here’s the thing about shopping at your local salvage yard:  you save money!  Yes, no matter what used part you buy, you will see savings of 30-50% by shopping for salvage part.  Do you realize how much money we are talking about?

­Let’s say you need a VW replacement transmission.  Okay, new you can expect to pay over $1000, and then you can expect to pay another thousand at least in mechanic labor…..or…..

You can shop for a used transmission at the salvage yard. There you will find one for, oh say $400, and then by installing it yourself you are saving around $1,600.  Now who would want to save that kind of money?

Name the part and you can save money on it at a junk yard, but the real savings comes in labor savings.  Mechanics make around $75 per hour, and that can add up to some serious bread.

So head on down to All Import Auto Parts, or your local salvage yard, and find out for yourself just how much you can save by learning to do these replacement jobs yourself. In today’s economy, it just makes good sense to do so.  Do you need any Volkswagen used parts? Then All Import Auto Parts is the place to be.